Stagg Jr. - Batch 2 Bourbon Review & Tasting Notes

The first bottle from my 2016 Great Bourbon Hunt is now part of my collection. This Stagg Jr is from 2014 and is Batch 2.

Bottled at 128.7°, I've heard this is very comparable to Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. It certainly is comparable in color: a dark, deep amber in the glass.

The nose is very strong, that's expected in a high proof whiskey. After the fumes disperse, thick caramel, vanilla and oak delight the senses.

Next, it is time for the mouth. "Syrupy" is a good way to describe the liquid. It coats the tongue and palate and just stays there. Like Elijah Craig, the oak is obvious, with plenty of spice and pepper Between the two, the finish on the Stagg Jr is longer. By the second sip, my gums are slightly numb, which is a unique sensation that I don't recall any whiskey ever doing.

Call me crazy, but I enjoy these hazmat whiskeys. Have a wonderful weekend, cheers!