KOVAL Millet Single Barrel Whiskey Review

This is the last review featuring this Glencairn glass. No, we aren't parting ways. I love writing for Bourbon & Banter, and my fellow bloggers are a fantastic bunch.

What I do have is a new glass that will debut with my next review. This one is going into retirement.

The pour is KOVAL Single Barrel Millet Whiskey. KOVAL is a unique distillery based in Chicago. They really do their own distilling and are not bottling someone else's product. It should also be noted KOVAL is owned by and run by women. That's also somewhat unique in this typical male-dominated industry.

Millet is an exciting choice. As an ancient grain, it is gluten-free. It is also a grain that few, if any, distilleries use at least as a primary part of the mash. In this case, KOVAL uses a 100% certified organic millet mash.

The appearance of this whiskey has an attractive orangish copper color. I can't very well say I've seen that in others. Swirling it in the glass leaves a thick rim that produces wide legs. Those legs do descend quickly.

The nose is grainy and floral. That's obviously the millet. There is some light wood that permeates through. Inhaling through my open lips doesn't change it up. It is clean but curious. Running it past my lips brings a light sweetness with caramel, allspice, and slight woodiness that reminds me of cedar.

The finish is drier than expected. It hangs around mid-palate and offers a bit of smokiness to savor.

At only 80°, this goes down very easily. Despite the dry and smoky part of the finish, there is no real burn. The fun thing about this is how unique it tastes; it entices you to keep sipping to figure out what is happening.

As far as a purchase recommendation, price becomes a serious consideration. Like many craft whiskeys, KOVAL shoots for that $50 price point. KOVAL Millet is so unique I recommend finding a good whiskey Bar and buying a pour, then deciding for yourself. I'm happy to have this as part of my library, but it can't be pigeonholed with anything else. Cheers!

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