Rowan's Creek Bourbon Review & Tasting Notes


Tonight I'm pouring Rowan's Creek Small Batch Bourbon. This is a sourced whiskey aged and bottled by Willett Distillery and bottled at 100.1°. My batch number is 15-54.

In the glass, Rowan's Creek has a deep golden appearance. A swirl in the glass leaves a very heavy rim that soon produces fat legs.

The aroma is a husky caramel mixed with a floral bouquet. Behind that is a hint of honey. Inhaling through my mouth features a stronger honey and light citrus.

The mouth feel is amazingly thick. It coats the tongue, but soon thins out. The palate is cinnamon, caramel, corn, nuts, cereal and honey. It is a bit complex and takes several sips to nail down the various flavors.

The finish is not as long as one would hope. There's a very enjoyable flavor that just disappears too quickly. Dry wood is left behind along with vanilla.

Rowan's Creek is fairly easy to locate and for the $30 and change this sets you back, it is well worth it. As usual, the folks at Willett are very skilled at sourcing and aging great whiskey. Cheers!