Sunday, February 24, 2019


In the whiskey world, one of the most important aspects of tasting is the glassware you choose. This article originally appeared at Bourbon & Banter on March 29, 2016.

If you are new to the world of whiskey, you may be wondering what the best whiskey for you to try is. Let’s be honest. If you’re an experienced whiskey drinker, you’re still probably searching out that perfect pour. There’s plenty of choices out there just in the field of Bourbon. And, as if that isn’t confusing enough, there’s the matter of choosing the right glassware. 
Wait… what? Glassware? Why can’t I just use any old glass to enjoy my Bourbon? 
You could, in all actuality, just grab a glass from your cupboard and pour yourself a drink. There are unlimited options for enjoying your Bourbon. You could select an Old Fashioned glass (also called a rocks glass), shot glass, wine glass, brandy snifter, Highball (also known as a water glass), Glencairn nosing glassCanadian whiskey glassNEAT glass or a variety of other glassware. Some are designed specifically for whiskey. Some look “cool” to drink from because a character drank from it in a movie. 
The real question, however, is, does the glass matter? The answer is a definite, “Yes.” Your choice in glassware is going to determine what experience you want.
The remainder can be read at Bourbon & Banter.  Cheers!

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