Sunday, February 24, 2019

Want Good Bourbon on the Cheap? Respect the Bottom Shelf.

This article, originally published July 18, 2016, can be read in its entirety at Bourbon & Banter.

Many whiskey enthusiasts, myself included, invest a lot of time, energy and, yes, money into finding that next, great whiskey on our Wish List. We keep up with news of estimated release dates, try to figure out the distribution path to guess when they will hit our states, watch our friends post their new scores on social media, and then we desperately hit up all the stores we know of to find something before it is sold out. Sometimes we are successful; oftentimes not. It can depend on who you know, or just plain dumb luck. 
I often post on social media updates on what may seem to some as my never-ending whiskey hunt: a search, a score, or a review. One of the more usual questions I get from friends, both in person and online, is, “How do you afford all those bottles?”
My collection is one that has been built over several years. I’m not buying a new bottle weekly. It is rare that I can find something allocated, and while I enjoy premium whiskeys, they aren’t the ones that always catch my eye. 
Not all pricey whiskey is great. I’ve had very average, expensive whiskey. Not all great whiskey is pricey. To find a gem, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty. Several of my very regular sippers are not only affordable; you’ll find them on or near that very bottom shelf of your liquor store.

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