Sunday, February 24, 2019

What's Wrong with my Whiskey?

This article originally appeared on Bourbon & Banter August 15, 2016... you can read the entire article there. Cheers!

I love opening new bottles. There’s something almost romantic about it, it is something about that first sip. It is especially exciting when you’re opening a bottle of something special your friends have been yammering about, but you’ve never tried.
You pour that brown water into your glass, raise it to your nose, inhale the aroma, put it to your lips, taste it, and the first thought to come to your mind is, “Meh.” 
You’re bound to ask yourself at least one of three questions: “Is everyone else crazy? Did I get a bad bottle? Am I missing something?” Those are very fair questions that deserve answers. 
Is everyone else crazy? Perhaps. I’ve tasted whiskeys with cult-like followings, and in some cases, I’ve missed the appeal. They were decent, but not spectacular.

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