Wednesday, March 6, 2019

How Valuable is that Drop or Cube in your Whiskey?

This review originally appeared on Bourbon & Banter on December 14, 2016, and you can read the entirety of it there.

You’ve spent your hard-earned money on that bottle of whiskey. You want to really enjoy the experience as the Master Distiller intended. You want to open up the hidden flavors, so you add a bit of water or ice. If you’re adding ice, maybe you’ve got one of those fancy ice ball molds. Spheres are all the rage now. Plus, using fancy molded ice sure beats breaking your teeth on whiskey stones!
Before you add a splash or some rocks to your whiskey, have you given any thought to the water you’re using?
Water impurities can interact with your whiskey and change the flavor. Too much-dissolved solids, chemicals, or mineral content in the water leaves you tasting something other than water, and that will leave you tasting something other than whiskey...

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