Friday, August 23, 2019

The #30DaysofBourbon Explanation and Rules are now available!

The wait is over, the time is ripe to publish the explanation and rules for the #30DaysofBourbon challenge!  

As I've teased, this isn't just about drinking Bourbon for 30 days, there's a lot more involved with this challenge.  Moreover, there's the charity aspect.  We should strive to help others.  My request is that at the end of the challenge, please donate $30 or more to any charity of your choosing.

My charity of choice is the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association (  This is a very personal decision for me because my amazing wife has been battling RSD/CRPS for several years.  It is a horribly unfair disease that robs people of their own bodies by keeping them in constant, unending pain. The RSDSA provides education, assistance and drives research for a cure.

Rather than doing a daily post here, I'll save that for social media. However, come September 30th, I'll post what my 30 Bourbons were and provide my calendar.

The rules are published at Bourbon & Banter.  There are both a calendar and logo overlays you can use to help spread the Bourbon Gospel.

Will you join me for this year's challenge?

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