Tuesday, October 1, 2019

#30DaysofBourbon Challenge: The Results Show

The 2019 #30DaysofBourbon Challenge is now over!  All 30 Bourbons are below, along with my calendar.  This was the fifth annual Challenge and it was bigger and better than ever.  Thank you all who participated, and a special thank-you if you donated to a charity of your choosing.

My donation went to the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association (RSDSA), which is an amazing organization that caters to the community battling RSD/CRPS by providing education, support and driving research for a cure to this horrible nerve disorder.  This has a special place in my heart because Mrs. Whiskeyfellow has been battling CRPS for a number of years.  I even took the RSD/CRPS Ice Challenge (video at the bottom of the page) to help bring awareness. 

Most new people who take part in the Challenge find it is much more difficult than it initially sounded. They don't necessarily get hung up on drinking Bourbon for 30 days, several make that assumption and quickly tell me this won't be different than any other month.  What becomes challenging is not repeating the Bourbon at any point in the month. This is a great way to discover new favorites or revisit a Bourbon you may have even forgotten about. I find Bourbons tucked away on my shelf every year.

If you took part in the Challenge, did you find it difficult or easy?  Also, feel free to give a shout-out to your charity.

Thank you so much for taking this journey with me over the past 30 days. I'm already looking forward to 2020.


September 1:  Elmer T. Lee
Commemorative Edition (2013)
September 2: Old Forester
Birthday Bourbon (2017)
September 3: EH Taylor
Barrel Proof (2015)
September 4: J Henry & Sons
Patton Road Reserve
Barrel #210
Speakeasy_WI Pick

September 5:
Very Old Barton
Bottled in Bond
September 6:
Buffalo Trace
"Lucky Bastard"
Speakeasy_WI Pick
September 7:
Jim Beam White Label
September 8:
Four Roses
2015 SmBLE
September 9:
Woodinville Pot
Still Bourbon
September 10:
Tom's Foolery
Bottled in Bond
September 11:
High West
American Prairie
ACE Spirits pick

September 12:
JW Dant Bottled in Bond

September 13:
Knob Creek 120
"The Rat Pick"
Speakeasy_WI Pick
September 14:
Border Bourbon
Cask Strength
Barrel 141
Niemuth's Pick
September 15:
Old Fitzgerald
Bottled in Bond
September 16:
Whiskey Acres
5.5 Grain 
September 17:
Traverse City
Barrel Proof
September 18:
Bourbon Company
Fusion Series 1
September 19:
Rebel Yell
September 20:
Elijah Craig

September 21:
George T. Stagg (2015)
September 22:
Fighting Cock 103

September 23:
Evan Williams
Single Barrel

September 24:
Joseph A Magnus
Triple Cask Finished (MGP)
September 25:
Two George's
High Wheat
Vom Fass Exclusive

September 26:
Stagg, Jr. 131.9°

September 27:
Old Weller
Cask & Ale Pick
September 28: Four Roses OBSO
picked 9/28/13 for Fine Spirits
(my first ever barrel pick)

September 29:
Willett WFE
Barrel #4177

September 30:
Early Times from 1979

I took the RSD/CRPS Ice Challenge!

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