The Whiskeyfellow is Challenged on Discussion with the Pros Podcast!

On Thursday evening, I did something fun and challenging. I was interviewed on the Discussion With The Pros podcast.  Yeah, I know, that’s not a big deal; I’m on many podcasts.


What was different?


The hosts asked me to lead everyone through how I assess a whiskey, going over the appearance, nose, palate, and finish. There were three whiskeys, and I had to do a live review of each, including the Bottle, Bar, or Bust ranking.


I had never had any of the three whiskeys poured. There was a large audience. If you do not understand the big deal about this so far, I’ve not yet told you that two of those whiskeys' blenders were part of the audience!


This episode runs just shy of an hour. You can click here to watch and see if I did any good.


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