The 8th Annual Bourbon Heritage Month #30DaysofBourbon Challenge


Is it that time of the year again? Each September, for Bourbon Heritage Month, we host the 30 Days of Bourbon Challenge, and, believe it or not, this is the eighth year!


Wait… back that whiskey truck up a second. You say you’ve never heard of the 30 Days of Bourbon Challenge?  No problem, I’ll tell you all about it.


For as many years as I’ve been into Bourbon, my bucket list includes attending the Bourbon Heritage Festival. But, what has happened every single year, and will happen again in 2022, is that it will remain unfilled on that list. However, seven years ago, I set myself a goal to do something special to celebrate America’s Native Spirit. I came up with the 30 Days of Bourbon challenge:  30 different Bourbons in 30 days. 


I know what you’re thinking… I drink Bourbon every day. What’s the big deal? There’s more to this challenge than simply drinking Bourbon daily…



You can view all the rules by heading to Bourbon & Banter, you can even download your own #30DaysofBourbon calendar to help you keep track. Cheers!