The Great Whiskey Challenge Blind Tasting Kits Video Review


I don’t do too many video reviews. Aside from the fact that I have a face for writing, I enjoy wordsmithing, and for me, that isn’t easy to do in a video format. Perhaps with a teleprompter, I could accomplish something that sounds more professional without all the ahs, ums, and periods of brief silence where I’m trying to make my thoughts sound interesting.


What usually drives me to do a video review is when I have subject matter that wouldn’t do well in a written review, and that’s precisely the case with The Great Whiskey Challenge and its Blind Tasting Kits.


The review is in an unboxing video format and covers everything about the Single-User Blind Tasting Kit for $35.00 and the Master Edition Blind Tasting Kit for $109.00.

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The link to the video is here.




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