Old Bardstown Straight Bourbon Review & Tasting Notes

Change is in the air, that is expected with Spring. Today, I’m pouring Old Bardstown Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Willett had been sourcing Old Bardstown before, and when their own distillate was ready for bottling, they changed up the bottle and label to differentiate two versions. That can be a dangerous undertaking, because when radical change happens, you risk turning folks off from the brand.

There are two “new” Old Bardstown versions: A small batch and a Bottled in Bond. This pour is the former and comes in at 90°. As there is no age statement, the Bourbon inside is at least four years old.

I’ve reviewed Old Bardstown before when the bottle was freshly opened. I’ve allowed it to oxidize quite a bit and am ready to revisit it.

In the glass, the appearance is a bright amber. Swirling it around produces a medium rim that creates thick, fat legs that slowly drop into the pool.

At chin level, aromas of vanilla and floral rye prevail. When I lift it to my lips, that changes to caramel and a light cinnamon. Bringing it just under my nose amplifies the rye and a tinge of oak. Inhaling through my mouth brings an almost berries and cream flavor.

The initial mouthfeel is thick and coats the tongue well. The palate highlights the vanilla and caramel, and underneath that brings oak and rye spice.

The finish is creamy and spicy. The Bourbon coats everything and lets you enjoy the flavor for several minutes between sips.

Oxidization has been very kind to this whiskey. I found the nose changed significantly and the palate was more flavorful. The finish became much more creamy than when the bottle was first opened.

Bottle, Bar or Bust: For about $18, this is really an enjoyable pour and provides such little risk that it is easy to recommend buying a Bottle. Check it out on the bottom shelf, cheers!