The Clover Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Review & Tasting Notes

A four-leaf clover has (obviously) four leaves. Each leaf is said to hold four different meanings:  Hope, faith, love, and luck.  To Bobby Jones, those four words were his life.


Born on St. Patrick's Day in 1901, Jones was one of the world's premier golfers. He was the only one ever to win the original grand slam. He was a scholar who obtained degrees in English from Harvard and Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech and was admitted to law school at Emory University.


Jones was a war hero. When presented with a ceremonial command during World War II, he declined and volunteered to battle at Normandy Beach as an infantry captain.


Bobby Jones set the standard of what an athlete should be. Ethics were important to him, so much so that he lost a golf tournament by a single stroke because he noticed he earned a penalty when none was assigned. He made such an impression that Emory has the Jones Program in Ethics. In 1955, the USGA created the Bob Jones Award to recognize outstanding sportspeople in golf who emulate his spirit, personal quality, and attitude. Jones passed away in 1971 from syringomyelia.


"Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots - but you have to play the ball where it lies." - Bobby Jones


The Clover brand was founded to sustain the legacy of golf's most remarkable gentleman and champion. There are three expressions under the umbrella of The Bobby Jones Whiskey Collection: Straight Bourbon, Straight Rye, and Straight Tennessee Whisky. All three are single barrels and can be purchased from various golf course gift shops, online retailers, and better liquor stores.


A portion of the sales of each bottle is donated to the Chiari and Syringomelia Foundation. Chiari is a disorder where the back of the skull is too small for the brain, causing many involuntary things we do, such as balancing, breathing, and swallowing, to become interrupted. Syringomelia is when a cavity forms in the spinal column and then becomes blocked by spinal fluids.


Today I'm reviewing the Straight Bourbon.  It is bottled by Piedmont Distillers (the creators of Midnight Moon) but was distilled in Indiana (while not disclosed, it is likely MGP/Squibb & Ross). The barrel number is CBN-F-021. As it carries no age statement, we can infer it spent at least four years in new, charred oak barrels before bottling at 92°. You can expect to pay about $50.00 for a 750ml package.


I thank The Clover for providing me with a sample of its Bourbon in exchange for a no-strings-attached, honest review. Now, let’s #DrinkCurious and taste what this one is all about.


Appearance: A neat pour in my Glencairn glass revealed a bright amber liquid. A microthin rim yielded quick, thick tears.


Nose: A sweet aroma of honey, nutmeg, berry, vanilla, and toasted almond teased my olfactory sense. Bold vanilla caressed my tongue as I drew the air into my mouth.


Palate: An oily texture greeted my palate. The front featured notes of lemon and orange citruses and honeycomb. Midway through, I tasted corn, caramel, and brown sugar, while toasted oak, cinnamon, and black pepper created the back.


Finish: The Clover Straight Bourbon drank higher than its stated 92°, leaving some heat and spice in my mouth and throat. It managed to make my hard palate tingle. Cinnamon spice and black pepper rolled in and out while caramel poked through. Overall, it had a medium-to-long duration.


Bottle, Bar, or Bust: The Clover is uncomplicated and unpretentious. It is a well-balanced Bourbon, providing sweet and spicy notes that are sure to please. I like that some of the proceeds benefit a medical charity. Considering the $50.00 investment, you get your money’s worth and will feel good about the purchase, and that’s why I’m giving it a Bottle rating. Cheers!


My Simple, Easy-to-Understand Rating System

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  • Bar = Try It
  • Bust = Leave It


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