Bourbon Club Straight Bourbon Review & Tasting Notes


You’ve already seen the photo. Before “Oh, hell no!” flows from your tongue, remember that I came across Two Stacks Dram In A Can Irish Whiskey that was downright delicious. Admittedly, today’s offering didn’t stop me from laughing when I saw it at the liquor store register. I couldn’t resist; I had to buy it for a review.


This is Bourbon Club Straight Bourbon. It is produced by Pocket Shot, a company offering a literal shot of various liquors in plastic pouches.


Pocket Shot has a great history imbedded [sic] in the foundation and inspiration for its shape and size. During a break while working the hot and humid banana farms in Africa the owner noticed something. When the owner saw his employees carrying around small pouches of liquor, he was inspired. These small portable pouches were much easier to carry than traditional plastic or glass bottles. Back in the United States the owner refined the look, size, shape of the pouch and Pocket Shots was born.


With a goal in mind to create a user friendly, safe, mass production style pouch that could hold a wide variety of flavors. Pocket Shot has since sourced the best tequila, vodka, brandy, whiskey, gin, rum and spiced rum available for its container.” – Pocket Shot


The concept is certainly worthwhile to consider. This can easily be carried on a boat, to the ball game, or to a kid’s birthday party (I’ve been there and been more receptive to attending when I know there’s access to an adult beverage). It would even be TSA-friendly.


Aside from what's legally required, there’s almost nothing disclosed about Bourbon Club: It is packaged in a 50ml pouch at 40% ABV (80°). I have no idea if this was aged in small barrels. It carries no age statement, but the law requires at least two years for that “straight” designation. Nothing on the label suggests where it was distilled aside from “Product of the USA.” I paid $1.99 for it in Illinois.


Did I waste my money? Is this some hidden gem that you should track down? The only way to know for sure is to #DrinkCurious; let’s get that taken care of.

Appearance: Despite its packaging, I approached Bourbon Club like I do with every other whiskey: I sipped this neat from my Glencairn glass. Inside, the liquid presented as an orange amber that was, frankly, darker than I anticipated for its stated proof and assumed age. It created a thinner rim that formed a wavy curtain of tears, leaving sticky droplets behind.


Nose: I smelled field corn, vanilla, berry, and light oak. It was all field corn when I drew the air through my lips.  


Palate: The mouthfeel was watery. I tasted corn, charred oak, and clove. If you asked me to break this down further, it was corn and charred oak on the front and clove on the back.


Finish: Once it hit the back of my palate, this Bourbon was done. If a finish existed, it escaped my detection.


Bottle, Bar, or Bust: If Pocket Shot’s schtick is “Dude, it comes in a pouch,” congratulations, you accomplished your goal. I don’t understand the point of Bourbon Club. It is too bland to even use in a cocktail. It possesses no oomph whatsoever. Is it geared toward the desperate problem drinker? A college kid trying to show off to their friends? Bourbon Club didn’t taste horrible, but I can’t imagine anyone spending money to drink this twice. I won’t, and that makes this one a Bust.  


My Simple, Easy-to-Understand Rating System

  • Bottle = Buy It
  • Bar = Try It
  • Bust = Leave It


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