Penelope Bourbon Rosé Cask Finish Batch 8 (2024) Review & Tasting Notes


Two childhood friends, Mike Paladini and Daniel Polise, along with Mike's wife, Kerry, went into business together and created their own brand of Bourbon. Mike and Kerry were expecting a child and knew they wanted to name their daughter Penelope. That inspired them to name their brand Penelope Bourbon.


Penelope Bourbon earns kudos from me with its comprehensive transparency. Penelope makes no secret that it is distilled by MGP. It partners with Speyside Cooperage to source casks for its various oak finishes. Penelope’s whiskeys were initially blended and bottled at Castle & Key Distillery. However, those operations have since moved to Bardstown Bourbon Company.


Then, in May 2023, Penelope Bourbon was acquired by Luxco, MGP’s consumer-facing subsidiary.


Penelope Bourbon just launched Rosé Cask Finish Batch 8 Bourbon for 2024. As you can discern from the name, it is finished in French rosé wine casks, and this is a limited, annual release.


“Rosé Cask Finish was built with our first-ever release from our Cooper Series and has always been well received by consumers. Batch 8 offers a wonderful combination of sweet and delicate flavor, perfect for the summer, at a new shelf price of $49.99. This highly anticipated release offers something truly special for bourbon and wine enthusiasts alike.” – Michael Paladini


The Bourbon starts with its typical four-grain mashbill of 74% corn, 16% wheat, 7% rye, and 3% malted barley. It matured for an undisclosed period, then was transferred to hand-selected Grenache rosé wine casks from France’s Southern Rhône region. Packaged at 47% ABV (94°), a 750ml is suggested to sell for $49.99.  


I’ve never reviewed a rosé-finished whiskey, making this virgin territory. Before I #DrinkCurious, I must thank Penelope Bourbon for sending me a sample in exchange for my no-strings-attached, honest review.


Appearance: I poured this Bourbon into my Glencairn glass to sip neat. Inside, the orange-amber liquid formed a bold rim and slow, wide, crooked tears.


Nose: As I brought this whiskey to my nostrils, I inhaled and smelled rich vanilla, followed by strawberries, melon, and flowers. Drawing the air into my mouth produced a sensation of dried flowers.


Palate: The creamy, full-bodied texture introduced the front of my palate to vanilla, dried strawberries, and melons. Lemon zest, celery, and fennel were at mid-palate. Flavors of French oak and white pepper were on the back.


Finish: The finish consisted of celery, fennel, dried strawberries, and French oak. Its duration timed 1:48, placing it in the long category.


Bottle, Bar, or Bust: This was a unique Bourbon. I can’t say I’ve ever used celery in my tasting notes. If you’re wondering if that’s a good thing, my gut reaction is no, but it works with Rosé Cask Finish for whatever reason. This was fruity and herbal, yet it retained its Bourbon roots.


I find that for $49.99, Penelope Bourbon has produced something you will likely not run into often. It is affordable and worth picking up a Bottle of. Cheers!


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