Talisker Storm Single Malt Scotch Review & Tasting Notes


This review was originally published on May 31, 2018, at Bourbon & Banter. 


  • DISTILLER: Talisker, the only distillery on the Isle of Skye
  • MASH BILL: Malted Barley
  • AGE: NAS – No Age Statement
  • YEAR: 2017
  • PROOF: 91.6 (45.8% ABV)
  • MSRP: $39.99, available everywhere


NOSE: Smoke | Vanilla | Honey | Citrus


TASTE: Peat | Pepper | Orange Peel | Vanilla


FINISH: The finish is exciting. Almost a required Talisker pepperiness starts off on the tongue and then, very slowly, builds like crazy, then just dissipates, leaving a slight, dry smokiness behind.


SHARE WITH: Folks who enjoy a peated Highland Scotch that drinks like an Islay.


WORTH THE PRICE: This used to be a $75 Scotch; however, it has come down in price in the last year or so to become much more affordable, and at its current price, it is one heck of a bargain.


BOTTLE, BAR, OR BUST: This is a hands-down, no-holds-barred, definite Bottle purchase.


OVERALL: The first thing that hits the nostrils is the smoky peat, which becomes prevalent before you’ve even finished pouring it from the bottle to the glass. Once poured, the appearance is a lovely gold. Swirling it creates a thinner rim that yields prolonged, fat legs.


Talisker Storm also has an incredible, silky mouthfeel. The whisky flows everywhere over the palate, making it easy to understand the flavors underneath the peat. There is an almost non-existent burn despite its ABV.


Talisker provides a great lineup, and Storm is certainly no exception. I loved Storm when it was almost twice the price and last year, I was pleasantly surprised to see the price drop. There are still retailers that will charge the original price. Still, you should search around because I see Storm in store after store anywhere between the $38 to $48 range, even while traveling outside my home distribution area.





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