Litchfield Cask Strength Bourbon Review & Tasting Notes


This review was originally published on September 10, 2018, at Bourbon & Banter. 


  • DISTILLER: Litchfield Distillery
  • MASH BILL: 70% Corn  |  25% Rye  |  5% Barley
  • AGE: At Least 3 Years in #4 Charred Oak
  • YEAR: 2018
  • PROOF: 122.2 (61.1% ABV)
  • MSRP: $54.95


NOSE: Oak  |  Dark Fruit  |  Fruitcake  |  Vanilla


TASTE: Vanilla  |  Dry Oak  |  Caramel  |  Dark Fruit  |  Black Pepper


FINISH: Long and heavy, with berries, oak, and slight spice, it helped bring a little more balance to this one.


SHARE WITH: Folks who are always looking for something new.


WORTH THE PRICE: This is barrel-proof, so absolutely.


BOTTLE, BAR, OR BUST: This is a delicious Bourbon, and I am thrilled to rate it a Bottle. However, the heavy char could be a turn-off for some. If that’s the case, then try it at a bar first.


OVERALL: I know the first question many of you have is, “Is this MGP?” The answer is a definitive “No.”  Litchfield does not source its whiskey. They obtain their corn, rye, and barley from local farmers to create the mash and distillate.


The appearance was an intense, dark amber that certainly gave the impression it was much older than three years. It left a fragile rim on the glass, creating thick, heavy legs.


Aromas of oak and fruit presented when my glass was lifted to chin level. As I raised it to my lips, that changed to fruitcake. Not the stuff that folks regift for umpteen Christmases, but the one you keep for yourself. When I let it hover under my nostrils, vanilla took over. Then, inhaling through my mouth, I brought the fruitcake right back.


The mouthfeel was thick and creamy. My palate first picked up vanilla, corn, and dry oak. Mid-palate, the #4 char became obvious as it got smokey. The smoke then calmed to dark fruit, caramel, and black pepper, almost like a wave cresting and breaking.


The finish was long and heavy, with berries, oak, and a slight spiciness. But, there was no burn from which to speak. It made me question the 122.2° the label stated.


Overall, this is a young Bourbon that drinks older than its age statement. If I have to identify a negative, the char mid-palate could be too intense for some, but that’s something I appreciate and enjoy. This is not your run-of-the-mill me-too Bourbon and provides a unique experience. I’m happy to have a bottle in my library. Cheers!