Compass Box The Spice Tree Blended Scotch Review & Tasting Notes

I’ve been working my way through Compass Box’s sampler pack, which consists of five 50ml sample tubes. So far, I’ve enjoyed Hedonism and The Peat Monster. Today’s pour is The Spice Tree, a 60/20/20 blend of three single malts: a Highland from Clynelish, a Highland from Teaninich, and a Speyside from Dailuaine. It is bottled at 92° and carries no age statement.

One of the things I applaud Compass Box for is its transparency. In this case, aside from knowing the ingredients in the blend, it also discloses the wood. In this case, 20% comes from first-fill American oak (Bourbon) and 80% new French oak.

I’m taking a slightly different approach with this whisky. Instead of a using a Glencairn nosing glass, I’m using their Canadian Whisky glass. This has allowed aromas to waft around the room while I’m penning the review. It has done an excellent job of making my mouth water. Hopefully, my palate won’t be disappointed.

In the glass, there is a deep, inviting gold. Swirling it around creates a medium-thick rim leading to fat, wavy legs to drop back to the pool.

Aromas of various fruits have been dancing around the room. When I hold the glass at chin level, I pick up apple, honey, and banana. Raising it to lip level adds malt. Letting it hover right under my nose brings a toasted oak as well as a much stronger pomme fruitiness. Inhaling through my lips tosses vanilla into the mix.

The Spice Tree has a heavy mouthfeel, but I wouldn’t describe it as “thick.” Rather, it is weighty, if that makes sense. There’s no coating of the tongue, the liquid slips over the tongue and to the back of the throat.

Flavors of cocoa and vanilla are up front, with so much of that fruitiness on the nose not making an appearance, at least initially. Clove and oak then take over, making the reason for the name obvious. A little bit of patience brings apple and citrus, but you have to concentrate on finding that fruit.

Despite my notes of clove and oak, there’s no real burn with the finish, however, these two flavors continue to build well after the swallow. It dissipates and then comes back for a second round. That’s something I find very unique.

Bottle, Bar or Bust: MSRP on The Spice Tree is about $55.00. That’s really a nice price-point for Scotch. Here’s the thing… I’m not completely sold on this whisky. Between Hedonism, The Peat Monster and The Spice Tree, this is a close race for second between the two latter. I would very much recommend trying this one at a Bar to make sure it is something that you’ll enjoy.

So far, I’m really happy I purchased this sampler box, it is fun and letting me explore at a very low entry point of $25.00. For the sampler box, I’m still rating this a good buy. Next up will be Oak Cross. Cheers!