"Deep Oak II" Blend Project (Cat's Eye Obtainium) 27-Year Canadian Whisky Review & Tasting Notes


Today is another instance of a friend in the retail liquor business who requested I try one of his barrel projects. I’m happy to do this for anyone who wants me to review their whisky.


Deep Oak II is a Cat’s Eye Obtainium 27-year Canadian whisky single-barrel project created by Sean Wipfli. Initially aged in an ex-Bourbon barrel, its original proofing was 157°. Sean then down-proofed it to 110° over 45 days by placing it in two ex-Rye toasted oak barrels from Great Northern Distilling that Sean also picked. It is available exclusively at Niemuth’s Southside Market at 2121 S Oneida St. in Appleton, Wisconsin, for $110.99 per 750ml bottle.


Sean provided me with a sample of Deep Oak II. I’ve reviewed other whiskies Sean has been involved with, and, just like anything else, my reviews are based on how I taste them, not who I know. Not every whisky he’s provided has resulted in a Bottle rating.


That said, let’s #DrinkCurious and see how he did.


Appearance: I sipped this whisky neat in my Glencairn glass. It looked thick and brassy. A wide rim glued to the wall and released ultra-fast tears, yet left behind big, sticky droplets.


Nose: Smells of rye spice, toasted oak, light mint, citrus, and vanilla were easy to identify. Toasted oak and rye spice wafted through my lips as I drew the air inside.


Palate: The mouthfeel was thin and oily, contradictory to its appearance. Flavors of vanilla, orange zest, and clove were on the front. My mid-palate encountered maraschino cherry, caramel, and toasted bread. The back was a spice bomb with black pepper, oak tannin, and Red Hots candy.


Finish: Medium-to-long in duration, the spices from the back carried through while adding rye and clove to the mix. Its stated 110° drinks more like something ten or so points higher.


Bottle, Bar, or Bust: I’ve been delving into Canadian whiskies of higher quality than the norm and have started to appreciate them. I like spicy whiskies, and Deep Oak II certainly fits that profile. I’ve not been able to try an unadulterated 27-year Canadian whisky, but I definitely like what Sean did here. You’ll want to pick up a Bottle if you can get to Appleton. Cheers!


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