Hercules Mulligan Eyr & Rye RTD Cocktail Review & Tasting Notes

Tailor. Irish immigrant. Spy. Hero of the American Revolution. His name? Mulligan. Hercules Mulligan.


“[He ran] his sartorial business at 23 Queen Street in Lower Manhattan. His most frequent customers were British officers who trusted his friendly and talkative demeanor, plus this ‘Agent Double-Oh-Needle’ offered them the finest Spirits that loosened their tongues and revealed many a secret. In fact, Hercules saved George Washington’s life on two occasions through highly-classified information careless British officers spilled as their measures were being taken. The King’s men wanted to capture Washington and get rid of him, but precious intelligence saved his skin…” – Hercules Mulligan Company


Hercules Mulligan was the real thing, as even the CIA acknowledges him! I can’t help but wonder if, like another famous spy, he prefers his cocktails shaken, not stirred?


Hercules Mulligan’s Eyr & Rye follows the highly-successful 2019 release of its Ready To Drink (RTD) cocktail, Rum & Rye. Eyr & Rye is a twist on the classic Manhattan by adding a bit of Irish magic to the concoction with Irish whiskey, American Rye, and cherry bitters. It isn’t a watered-down cocktail; it rings in at 43% ABV (86°).


This inaugural release is on 2000 bottles and is exclusively available via Flaviar (an online spirits membership club) and Caskers. You can expect to pay $49.99 for a 750ml bottle.


Before I #DrinkCurious, I must thank the Hercules Mulligan Company for a sample of this RTD cocktail in exchange for a no-strings-attached, honest review. Let’s start sipping!


Appearance: I approached this review the same way I do nearly any other; I used a Glencairn glass. The liquid’s color was that of black cherry. A bold rim generated slow, sticky tears.


Nose: The aroma of cherry bitters was prominent. I was also able to pick out mint, which is attributable to the American Rye whiskey. I didn’t find any smells leading me to the Irish content. Inhaling through my lips offered nothing different.  


Palate: The thin, oily, and quite slick mouthfeel included a cooling sensation as if this were iced. It wasn’t; I sipped this neat. Cherry, vanilla, and raw honey were on the front of my palate. Midway through, orange citrus and more honey seemed to park in place. As it hit the back of my palate, a kiss of mint melded with bitters and tannins.


Finish: Despite swallowing liquid, I could swear it was glued to my mid-palate. It didn’t move. I could swallow. I could run my tongue against my hard palate. And, yet, the flavors of raw honey, cherry bitters, and citrus remained.


Bottle, Bar, or Bust: The finish was one of the most unique experiences I’ve had in my years of whiskey appreciation. This cocktail seemed like a cross between a Manhattan, an Old Fashioned, and a dollop of honey. While I enjoy sipping an occasional cocktail, I genuinely suck at making them. Eyr & Rye, like Rum & Rye, makes that easier.


I'm giving Eyr & Rye a Bottle rating, just as I did with Rum & Rye. It is delicious and you're going to love it. Cheers!


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