Sunday, June 26, 2016

Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project #153 Bourbon Review & Tasting Notes

Nobody does whiskey experiments quite like Buffalo Trace. Sure, many distilleries do their own experiments, but how many market them successfully? Buffalo Trace seems to have a corner on the market.

This is Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project. My bottle comes from Barrel 153, which was part of Release 10, dumped in August 2013. It is noted at 90°. The story behind the Single Oak Project is to choose a single white oak tree and create a barrel from one section of it. One barrel is made from the bottom half of the tree, one from the top. The Bourbon was then aged for about a decade before being dumped and bottled. The result is 192 different Bourbons were created.

I find Barrel 153 to be, at best, boring. The nose is wood and wood. The palate is flat and just wood. There is just little to appreciate, which explains why this little 375ml bottle is still half full.

As much as I love Buffalo Trace as an innovative and high-quality distillery, even they produce some mediocre whiskeys.