Monday, November 13, 2017

Prizefight Irish Whiskey Review & Tasting Notes


I’m a fan of Irish whiskey and have slowly been adding those I enjoy to my library. When this bottle arrived, I was cautiously excited. The presentation is wonderful, with a beautiful expensive looking label on the front and a backstory that made me curious as to what the quality would be inside the bottle. After all, there’s only a handful of working distilleries in Ireland, and Pugilist Spirits is not one of them. This was obviously an upstart...

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

#30DaysofBourbon Review


September sure flew by fast. We’re at the end of Bourbon Heritage Month and my #30DaysofBourbon challenge.

Honestly, when I invited folks to join in on the fun, I was completely unprepared for the participation rate. It was wonderful to see all of the #30DaysofBourbon hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I tried to visit and like as many of them as possible, but there are thousands of these posts. I hope between my fellow Bourbon & Banter contributors and me; we caught a majority of them...

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

#30DaysofBourbon Challenge (2017)


Bourbon is America’s native spirit. September is Bourbon Heritage Month. Attending the Kentucky Bourbon Festival is high up on my bucket list. Every year, I say next year will be the year I make it happen. I’ve been saying that for several years now. One day, it will happen.

A few years ago, realizing that my trip was still out of reach, I wanted to do something to help celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month. I came up with a 30 Days of Bourbon challenge...

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Teeling Brothers In Arms Irish Whiskey Review & Tasting Notes


It has been a while since I've sat out on the porch and enjoyed the relaxing qualities it offers. Part of that has been due to the summer humidity, part of that has been due to family needs. But, today is a gorgeous day weather-wise and, well, here I am.

I'm sipping on an Irish whiskey tonight. This beauty is from the Teeling brothers, Jack and Stephen. Yes, those Teeling brothers. It is called Brothers in Arms, a marriage of two single malts. It carries a 14-year age statement because that's the younger of the two, the older being 21 years. Brothers in Arms is sold exclusively by Vom Fass.

The appearance is bright gold. Swirling it around in the glass provides a thick rim of whiskey that sticks to the sides and develops thick legs.

The nose begins fruity, very much a crisp apple, which is followed by an abundance of malted barley. Inhaling through my lips brings honey and a tad of citrus.

The mouthfeel is a bit thin, but it also is only 84°, as such it is not unexpected. On the palate, flavors of toffee, nuts, chocolate, and honey shine through.

Finally, there's the finish. It is a little shocking to have the level of spice it has. It isn't what I'd classify as overwhelming but nonetheless is strong. It hangs at the top of my throat.

Overall, this is a very smooth drinker and is quite enjoyable. I'm happy to have it in my library. Cheers!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Store Pick 101: The Private Barrel


One of my favorite aspects of being a whiskey reviewer isn’t writing reviews. Oh, believe me, I love writing reviews. I try to compose one at least weekly. But what I enjoy best is helping folks new to the Wonderful World of Whiskey learn everything they can. I think that’s because I had great people guiding me when I was new to the scene.

Many of you have heard the terms Private Barrel or Store Pick. While these words are commonly used amongst experienced whiskey drinkers, they may not mean much to those who are not. I’m about to tell you everything you’ll ever want to know about the Private Barrel or Store Pick...

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Making the Case to #DrinkCurious


Do you like a whiskey because you’re expected to like it? Do you hate another because you’ve not heard anything good about it? Are you a fanboy of a certain distiller (or producer), and absolutely anything that comes from them gets a free pass? Have you had a bad glass of whatever, and you’ve judged the entire product line based on your bad experience?

I keep thinking back to Old Weller Antique. My wife was kind enough to buy me a bottle several years ago. She was in the business and told it was very decent. I tried it. I hated it. I mean, I really, really hated it, to the point where I poured the remainder down the drain several months later because we were moving and, well, I didn’t want to go cross country with something I couldn’t stand...

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Welcome to the Whiskeyfellow blog!

Hello and welcome!  I am Whiskeyfellow and I appreciate you joining me.  For those who have never read one of my whiskey reviews, I'm not new at this.  I'd like to provide you with a little background on who I am, what I do, and how I rate whiskeys.

For the most part, this blog will be a blog of my whiskey reviews. I will, at times, offer advice and news.  I'll also post links to my events.  I review all types of whiskeys and whiskey-related merchandise. I don't review anything else (well, that's not true, I do have a Yelp! account).

I host a Facebook page where nearly everything I've written has been cataloged. You can also purchase tickets for my whiskey workshops, tastings and Whiskeyfellow merchandise there.    You can also find me on Instagram, where you can find abbreviated reviews due to restrictions in the amount of text.

I am a Senior Contributor at Bourbon & Banter, a Top 10 whiskey website.  I love B&B, it gave me my first real exposure to a larger audience and introduced me to the online world.

There are a variety of ways folks can rate whiskeys. In my opinion, reviews and ratings should be simple and easy for readers to understand. You will never, ever see references to things you can't wrap your head around, such as whiskeys reminding someone of lilac from grandma's attic or having flavors of completely obtuse things that 99% of whiskey drinkers have never tried. My goal is for the reader to relate to my reviews and leave with as clear an understanding as possible.

Clarity doesn't end there. I have a very simple rating system that comes from Bourbon & Banter and that's the Bottle, Bar, or Bust system.  Bottle means buy it, this is a great whiskey and something you'll be happy to own. Bar means it is not something that may not be worth buying but should definitely be tried so you can judge for yourself. Bust means if you see it on the shelf, slowly set the bottle back on the shelf, turn around, and run away.  I've written more details on this rating system and why it is superior to other rating systems at Bourbon & Banter and you can access that here.

I enjoy whiskeys from all price points. For many years, I have run a very serious #RespectTheBottomShelf campaign. There are some amazing value whiskeys on that bottom shelf. At the same time, there are some whiskeys that absolutely belong there. On the flip side, I've had some completely awful, expensive whiskeys and some delicious ones. My best advice to anyone is to never buy a whiskey on hype or price. Know what you're getting into, otherwise, you'll find yourself spending a lot of money and suffering from a lot of buyer's remorse.

Finally, my reviews are honest. Many times, distilleries or representatives will send me whiskeys to review. Sending me free whiskey is awesome and I'm always excited when one shows up on my doorstep. But, I will not improve a rating because someone sent me a free sample. If a whiskey is a great whiskey, it will earn a positive rating. And, if a whiskey is mediocre or substandard, expect a rating to reflect that.

Thank you again for joining me.  If you have questions, by all means, please ask.  Cheers!