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Friday, May 22, 2020

Hey, I'm now a Certified Bourbon Steward!

Something I've wanted to do for a few years just happened. You can thank COVID-19 for my having time and opportunity to finally sit down and get this done. I'm now officially a Stave & Thief Society Certified Bourbon Steward

What, pray tell, is a Certified Bourbon Steward?  The program was developed in 2012 by Moonshine University "to promote and uphold Kentucky's distinguished Bourbon culture and to set the standard for the authentic Bourbon experience through premier training and education."

The course was fun, and even with my background, I walked away learning something new. I've discovered along the course of my life that no matter how much knowledge you have about something, there is almost always more to learn.

Strangely enough, the part of the exam that made me nervous was the flight creation, tasting notes, and justifying the reason for creating the flight. Let's get real, I plan out tasting flights for my whiskey workshops and I write whiskey reviews. It should have been a cinch, right? Yet, I'd never really been judged on my reasons why I put a flight together, and no one ever graded me on tasting notes. They're just something I do.

If you're curious, I decided to do a vertical flight of Evan Williams.  With all the Bourbons I have in my library, for whatever reason, those bottles screamed out at me.  The flight consisted of the Green, Black, White, and Red labels.   

I was very excited when I received the results a few days after the exam, particularly what I was stressed over:  

The focus a single-producer flight can have is stunning, and an eye-opening experience for some. In this instance, this flight resolves any question in your guest’s mind as to what happens in the barrel – the evidence is right in front of them. Good nosing & tasting notes, too – nicely done. 

There are additional classes offered and I'll be continuing my education.  If you're interested in learning more about the Stave & Thief Society, you can visit them at the Stave & Thief website.  I hope to see you as a fellow Steward, cheers!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

About Last Night...

Last night I hosted a massive whiskey event at Cask & Ale in Madison. When I say massive, I'm not fooling around:  48 different whiskeys were poured!

Now, I know what you're thinking... how could I be that irresponsible? Well, it isn't quite what you may be thinking. The 48 whiskeys were broken down into four flights of twelve half-ounce pours. Guests chose which of the four that appealed to them the most, both by what was offered and how it affected their wallets.

This was set up as a World Whiskey Tasting.  I love doing these in particular because, even for experienced whiskey drinkers, it offers guests an opportunity to stumble across something different and to #DrinkCurious. We had selections of Irish whiskey, Bourbon, American Rye, American whiskey, Japanese, French, and Indian whiskies, and then, to wrap things up, Scotch. The four flights went along the same lines to keep things logical and have various people at the same table relate to what someone else was enjoying.

As guests were enjoying their pours, I provided some historical trivia as well as background information on the various categories. There were a ton of questions for me to answer, which is one of my favorite aspects of these events. I love sharing knowledge and watching folks have an ah-ha! moment as they figure things out on their own. 

The three most-talked-about pours were Jack Daniel's Heritage Single Barrel, Brenne 10, and Stranahan's Diamond Peak. Folks who had Old No. 7 stuck in their minds were blown away by the Heritage Single Barrel and its night-and-day difference. The Brenne 10 was unusual as most guests never even knew French whisky was a thing. Finally, Diamond Peak opened up the eyes of those who had no idea how diverse American whiskey could be.

When all was said and done, everyone suggested they had a great time and many were asking about future whiskey tastings. 

To everyone who came out and braved the weather, thank you so much for attending!  Thank you, Cask & Ale, for partnering with me. And, for those of you who are curious, be on the lookout for future events so you can learn, laugh and enjoy great whiskey. Cheers!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Thank you, Crooked Water Spirits!

This past Thursday, I hosted my Barrel Finished Whiskey Workshop & Tasting event at the beautiful Yahara Bay Distillers. We talked about the legalities and regulations surrounding this growing part of the whiskey world, and folks were able to then taste how the whiskey is impacted by the process.

Many thanks to Crooked Water Spirits for allowing me to feature a selection of their spirits in this event. This was a lot of fun, everyone had a great time. We learned, we laughed, and we enjoyed great whiskey.

My next event at Yaraha Bay is the Ides of March Irish Whiskey Workshop & Tasting on March 28th. Forget your standard Irish whiskeys, this one will blow your socks off! Cheers!